Ribeira Valley: Novo Rio Pinheiros program brings changes

Novo Rio Pinheiros brings changes to the river’s Ponte Baixa
25 de February de 2021
Novo Rio Pinheiros program carries out Environment Day action
25 de February de 2021

The Novo Rio Pinheiros program, by the State Government of São Paulo and coordinated by the Department of Infrastructure and Environment, presents sanitation works for the Ribeira Valley. The collected and treated sewage prevents disease spread and benefits rivers and its branches.

“The water, some time ago, was dirty, polluted with an unbearable odor. Today we notice that the water is clearer and cleaner, with no smell.” A statement from Jaqueline Ferreira, a resident of Chácara Santana.

Over one thousand families will benefit from the works in their communities. Neide Cai-Cai, leader of the Cai-cai community, states: “These works are very important for our community, because basic sanitation is a part of healthcare. We, in this very delicate moment of our country, the vulnerable communities, the outskirts, feel represented with these works of great importance for our Cai-Cai community.”

Watch more on the statements and works on this video below on SABESP’s YouTube channel:

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