Novo Rio Pinheiros presents actions in Jardim Ibirapuera

Community intervention in Parque Santo Antônio and Jardim das Flores
25 de February de 2021
SABESP Customers’ experience of VITA’s loss reduction services
19 de March de 2021

The Novo Rio Pinheiros program, by the State Government of São Paulo, coordinated by the Department of Infrastructure and Environment, installed public community sinks all over Jardim Ibirapuera.

“The pandemic brought a series of reflections for our community. They speak of a new normal, things will change greatly, and this action of installing sinks sends the important message of always washing our hands and taking care of our hygiene”, Luiz Claudio de Souza, from the Bloco do Beco association, stated.

Beyond that, actions to spread consciousness to the population have been conducted together with the Ponte Baixa Consortium, SABESP, Bloco do Beco association, Água V and Florescer Brasil enterprises. Watch a video on the topic below:

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