Novo Rio Pinheiros, learn about the Ação Alto Pirajuçara

Recent works improve water supply efficiency in Jardim Ângela
25 de February de 2021
Novo Rio Pinheiros brings changes to the river’s Ponte Baixa
25 de February de 2021

The Pinheiros river is one of the most remarkable symbols of the largest metropolis in Latin America. Every day, millions of workers, students and families cross the river in their day-to-day lives all across its 25 kilometers.

Now, a task force was assigned to open a new chapter of its history, to turn it more sustainable, alive and clean… a new Pinheiros.

The goal is to expand sewage collection and treatment networks coupled with a revitalization of the river’s branches. To accomplish this, sanitation works will be carried out in various areas.

See more on how this task force operates in SABESP’s special article on YouTube below:

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