Novo Rio Pinheiros brings changes to the river’s Ponte Baixa

Novo Rio Pinheiros, learn about the Ação Alto Pirajuçara
25 de February de 2021
Ribeira Valley: Novo Rio Pinheiros program brings changes
25 de February de 2021

Novo Rio Pinheiros is a program by the State Government of São Paulo carried out by the Department of Infrastructure and Environment which plans to give back to the population, with the help of civilian society, a clean river by 2022.

In this integrated operation, SABESP is performing on behalf of the improvement of water quality in the Pinheiros river’s branches so that sewage from around 500 thousand properties in the South Side of São Paulo may be brought for treatment at sewage treatment plants.

Part of SABESP’s operations are centered around the Ponte Baixa branch's basin, an important affluent of the Pinheiros river. The region is composed of the Jardim Ibirapuera, Jardim Novo Santo Amaro, Piraporinha, Parque Guarapiranga, Parque Europa, Parque Santo Antônio, Jardim das Flores neighborhoods, amongst others.

The operation was published in SABESP’s channel on YouTube, watch below:

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